Meet the Trustees of UCH London Nurses’ Charity

We are always on the look out for new Trustees from our associate members who are able to give some of their time to the Charity.

Vice Presidents for LifeMiss J. Flindall FRCN
Mrs B. M. Baer
Mrs A. Coffey
Vice Presidentto be elected at April 19 Executive meeting
ChairProfessor H Allan
SecretaryMrs Shirley Warwick
TreasurerProfessor Theresa Wiseman
Mrs H BakerMrs A Dodhia
Alison FinchKate Warwick
Dr Wendy Knibb Dr E Maxwell
Mrs Pat EdmundJanet Likeman


Chair of UCH London Nurses’ Charity

Professor Helen Allan

Professor Helen Allan
About Helen

Helen Allan is a Professor of Nursing at Middlesex University, London, UK. She registered as a nurse in 1979, working for 13 years in acute care. After a BSc Sociology at the London School of Economics, London University, Helen trained as a nurse teacher and taught social sciences and nursing at Bloomsbury College of Nursing & Midwifery and then at the Royal College of Nursing Institute. Helen completed her PhD in Nursing part time at Manchester University in 2000. She worked with Professor Pam Smith at the University of Surrey in the Centre for Research in Nursing and Midwifery Education. Helen has held Chairs at the Universities of Surrey, York and since 2014 at Middlesex University.

Trustee of UCH London Nurses’ Charity

Elaine Maxwell

Elaine Maxwell
About Elaine

Elaine Maxwell (Set 222) started at UCH in January 1977 and staffed on 4/3 under Sr Sare and later as a Staff Nurse on the newly opening Oncology and Bone Marrow Transplant unit on PPW2. Her final stint was as a Night Sister at St Pancras Hospital. She was Director of Nursing at both Dorset County Hospital and Barking Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals before belatedly undertaking her PhD. She was Associate Professor of Leadership at London South Bank University, running the Aspiring Director of Nursing Post Graduate Certificate before joining the National Institute of Health Research Dissemination centre in 2017.

Admin Assistant of UCH London Nurses’ Charity

Kate Warwick

Elaine Maxwell
About Kate

Secretary of UCH London Nurses’ Charity

Shirley Warwick

Shirley Warwick
About Shirley

Shirley Warwick trained at UCH from 1967-1970 (set 174).

After qualifying, I staffed on ward 3:1 (female surgical) until my marriage.
I returned to UCH in 1971 staffing on ward 1:2 the radiotherapy ward and department until leaving to have my daughter followed by a son.

In 1979 I became a district nursing sister and practical work tutor.

The last years of my career were spent as a community based Macmillan Nursing Sister combined with some lecturing. I retired 15 years ago and have volunteered for various organisations. My late husband died in 2011. I now have a daughter and son plus 3 grandchildren (all boys).

Trustee of UCH London Nurses’ Charity

Hilary Baker

Professor Theresa Wiseman
About Hilary

Hilary Baker is the Macmillan Lead nurse specialist in Uro-oncology at UCLH having returned to her alma matter in 2014 after a thirty-year gap following her nurse training in 1983 (as set 245). She has worked all her career as a urology/surgical nurse both in the NHS and private sector in a variety of roles and the past twenty years have been in oncology as a CNS. She has a MSC in cancer studies and a BSc in cancer and palliative care from Oxford Brookes University and is registered on the NMC as a an advance nurse practitioner. She is passionate about patient pre-habilitation and rehabilitation following surgery and patient experience. Outside of work Hilary enjoys walking in the Buckinghamshire countryside with her dogs, cooking and spending time with family and friends.

Trustee at UCH London Nurses’ Charity

Alison Finch

Alison Finch
About Alison

Alison Finch is currently assistant chief nurse at University College Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (UCLH) and in parallel holds a National Institute for Health Research clinical doctoral fellowship. She is undertaking her PhD research within the Department of Applied Health Research at University College London. Alison registered as a nurse in 1993 and has worked predominantly with young people within the specialities of haematology and cancer care. She has worked with the Middlesex Hospital and UCLH for twenty years as a staff nurse, sister, matron and lead nurse. A former recipient of the UCH London Nurses’ Charity Janet Hull travel Scholarship, Alison has been a committee member and then trustee since 2013. Alison was awarded a MBE for services to nursing in 2009.

Treasurer of UCH London Nurses’ Charity

Professor Theresa Wiseman

Professor Theresa Wiseman
About Theresa

Theresa Wiseman is a clinical nurse academic with a joint appointment between The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust and the University of Southampton. She holds a chair in Applied Health Research in Cancer Care, is passionate about research but more so that it makes a difference to patients and families. She began nursing at UCH in January 1977 and joined Set 222, qualifying in January 1980. She had various staff nurse posts including working in Germany, completed her ITU training at The London Hospital and returned to UCH as a Sister in 5:1 from 1983-1985 when she became a clinical teacher. After completing a BSc and Post Grad Dip in Education she worked at Bloomsbury College of Nursing and Midwifery from 1992-1997 when it closed. Following this, Theresa worked as a Lecturer/Senior Lecturer at The Florence Nightingale School of Nursing and Midwifery, King’s College London (KCL). Here she completed her PhD and obtained her first joint appointment with Guy’s and St Thomas’ Trust and KCL, before taking up her post as Strategic Lead of Applied Health Research at The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust (RMNHSFT). In 2015 she was awarded a chair in Applied Health Research in Cancer Care (joint appointment) by the University of Southampton and RMNHSFT. She has always maintained a clinical component of her role and has had joint clinical academic posts since 2008.  Her research focusses on patient and carer experience of cancer and treatment and developing services and interventions to ameliorate that experience.

Assistant Treasurer of UCH London Nurses’ Charity

Dr Wendy Knibb

Dr Wendy Knibb
About Wendy

Wendy Knibb is a semi-retired Health Economist. Whilst not from a nursing background, she has been involved in many research projects particularly relating to nurse training and translational research. Wendy was at the University of Surrey for 16 years where she taught mainly on postgraduate courses and held a Senior Lectureship on her retirement. Her PhD was concerned with the use and the training provision for HCAs and Support Workers in the NHS in England.

Trustee of UCH London Nurses’ Charity

Dr Janet Likeman

Professor Theresa Wiseman
About Janet

Text here

Trustee of UCH London Nurses’ Charity

Mrs Pat Edmund

Professor Theresa Wiseman
About Pat

I trained at UCH, in Set 154, from 1962-66 winning The Merrifield Palmer Memorial Prize and staffing on 4/3 under wonderful Sister Sare. I left UCH in 1966 to get married, joining my husband in Germany serving with the Royal Air Force.(1966-68 and 1977-80), giving voluntary welfare support to overseas young RAF families (at that time, Officers’ wives were not permitted to work , only in a voluntary capacity).

Bringing up six children, born between 1967-1979, I completed a Back to Nursing Course in Watford in 1980, working on the Regional Burns Unit at Mount Vernon Hospital Northwood and on ICU there. Later, I worked in Orthopaedics and then moved to Care of the Elderly at Home, which actually prepared me for providing full-time care for my widowed father 1997-2002 wheelchair- bound after several strokes. By 2008, my husband became very ill and I have been his full-time carer ever since, as well as childminder to our many lovely Grandchildren. Teaching during ‘Lockdown’ remotely has proved challenging and fun!

Finally, I have been involved with the League since 1967, often serving on the Executive Committee, helping with both the 95th Anniversary as well as the Centenary Celebrations. More recently, I have become a Trustee with UCH London Nurses’ Charity continuing to arrange our Social Events in London.

My father was a UCH trained doctor and two of our daughters trained as UCH nurses, so it’s very much been part of our lives

A Message from your Chair, Professor Helen Allan

Dear friends

This has been a year of changes within the Charity and wider society. And also a  year of much loss and sadness. Many of you will know someone who has had Covid-19 and may know someone who has died as a direct or indirect result of Covid. My own mother sadly died indirectly of Covid. She found she became ever more frail as a result of living in isolation from her family and friends. I’m sure some of you will have suffered too from loneliness if you’ve been shielding. Or you will have known or observed family of friends becoming frailer or lonelier without social support and stimulation.

A significant change in this year’s Magazine is that I am writing to you as the Chair of the Charity rather than inviting the new President to do so. At the study day and AGM we asked for volunteers for someone to follow in Anne Redmayne’s footsteps (a hard task!). I also approached several people to ask for their advice and a few individuals to ask if they would volunteer. As no-one approached me, it was Anne’s suggestion that the Trustees consider whether the charity needed a President given the role of the trustees and officers. The trustees decided at the trustee meeting in September 2019 meeting to divide the roles of the President among the existing trustees. Shirley Warwick kindly became the Chair of the Benevolent Fund ably assisted by Wendy Nowell who has done a sterling job in maintaining contact with many of our frailer and older members during the pandemic. I have taken over external liaison roles and as bank signatory.

As ever, we are always pleased to receive any interest from associate members who wish to become trustees.

Another change has been to online video meetings. We have managed this due to ever improving technical skills and Theresa Wiseman’s zoom business account. Being able to meet like this has meant the office has not been visited regularly. However Shirley Warwick arranged for UCLH staff sharing our office to post any letters to her home address, a message is on the telephone to alert anyone calling in that the office isn’t open and a notice was posted on the website warning members that the office was effectively closed. Arrangements are underway for charity work to now be conducted at home until 2021/22 at least.

We had to cancel both the Study and AGM and Autumn lunch 2020 due to Covid-19. We have taken the decision to cancel the planned 2021 Study day and Annual charity meeting. We hope to hold a 2021 Autumn lunch and ACM.

We have also included in this year’s Magazine a GDPR form for you to complete and return if you are happy and give consent for us to publish your details in the annual Magazine. This might seem an odd thing to do, but unless we have consent from each associate member, we cannot publish personal details under the GDPR legislation.

Lastly, some of the trustees (and possibly some of our members?) have made contact with a Facebook group of UCH trained nurses. A notice has been posted on that group to promote the Charity and we can expect more contact between us in the future. Already we’ve had new members who’ve joined us from hearing about the Charity through Facebook.

I wish you all a safe and healthy end to 2020 and a great 2021.

Kind regards

helen allan

Professor Helen Alan

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Sadly we have had to cancel the Autumn Lunch

Annual Study Morning & Charity Meeting Cancelled

24th April, 2021.
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Sadly we have had to cancel this event

Autumn Lunch

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The President’s Farewell Letter

The President’s Farewell Letter

The President's Farewell The President's Farewell Letter Dear Friends, This is my last letter to you as your President and Chair of the Benevolent Fund. I have been involved with the League and Charity on and off for the last 16 years and have always been proud of my...

Chair’s Report September 2020

Chair’s Report September 2020

The Chair reports the following activities from March to September 2020. Due to COvid-19 restrictions, a decision was taken in March to ensure the safety of Trustees and associate members:

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