Dining table laid with napkins, plates and cutlery

The Autumn lunch

Saturday 12th October 2024

The Autumn Lunch will be on Saturday 12th October at the Radisson Grafton Hotel, 130 Tottenham Court Road, London. The cost for  Associate Members will be £36.00 and £40.00 for non-members for a two-course lunch.

If you wish to arrange a reunion, please make sure that you contact us to let us know so that we can arrange tables for you.

We would be grateful if you purchase your tickets online, however, if you feel more comfortable paying by cheque or with a direct bank transfer please reserve your ticket using the relevant form below.
There will be no tickets sent out, your confirmation email will serve as proof of purchase.

Use this form to buy your tickets now via PayPal or by Credit / Debit card (there is no requirement to hold a PayPal account.)

Use this form to reserve your tickets and either pay by BACS (direct payment into our account) or by sending a cheque. Details of our bank or where to send your cheque will be sent to you on submission of this form.

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