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As a member of the 1987 November nurse training set, I have found that being a member of the UCH London Nurses’ Charity, has been exceptionally beneficial. I particularly look forward to receiving the annual members’ booklet, which provides information on the excellent work UCL H nurses are doing currently. I’ve enjoyed keeping up with previous set reunions, and finding out issues that matter to nursing.

In particular this year I approached the charity for a financial bursary in light of changes in our family circumstances. I found that the charity responded very compassionately and quickly. They grasped the context and understanding of our circumstances and responded extremely efficiently, but importantly without judgement, and with great care.

I can only encourage my colleagues, past and present, to access the UCH Nurses’ London charity website. It is very easy to use and accessible information ready to hand, in particular access to all aspects of the charity’s work and events which you can attend throughout the year. The joining fee is very reasonable, and is real value for money. Please join and make this charity stronger and be able to support more registered nurses’ colleagues going forward.

From a grateful recipient 

Past News