Give in your Will or Make a Donation in Memory

Leaving a gift in your Will or making a donation in memory of a friend or family member to UCH London Nurses’ Charity will help support our charity to ensure that we are able to continue our following aims:

  • Relieve poverty and financial hardship among associate members of the Charity by providing grants, items and services to those in need.
  • Advance the education of associate members by providing grants and bursaries to enable associate members to attend training courses, workshops, conferences and seminars relating to their areas of practice.
  • Advance the education of associate members by providing grants and bursaries to enable them to undertake research and publish and disseminate the results of any such research.
  • Provide a network to assist associate members to communicate with each other in order to share: best practice; latest developments in patient care; feedback from attending training courses, workshops, conferences and seminars paid for by the Charity; and results of research undertaken.

We’re determined to support associate members who are suffering hardship and we’re proud to support such an incredible past and present workforce of dedicated people in their time of need. But we can’t do it without your help.

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Leaving a Gift in Your Will

Making or changing a Will is easy to do and there are different ways to do it. For example, you could gift a share of your estate, a fixed sum of money, or a specific item.

In order to donate to the UCH London Nurses’ Charity in your Will, you need to ensure you include our full name, address and charity number, which are:

UCH London Nurses’ Charity,
University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust,
Trust Headquarters 2nd floor Central,
250 Euston Road,
London NW1 2PG
Registered Charity Number 1161883.

When making or changing your Will, we recommend you speak to a solicitor who can offer professional advice and ensure your Will reflects your exact wishes. If you would like to discuss the options around leaving a gift in your Will with one of the team at UCH London Nurses’ Charity, please call us on 020 3447 9635 or email us.

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Giving a Donation in Memory

If nursing at the UCH has played an important role in the life of a friend or family member who has passed away, you can celebrate their life by making a donation to UCH London Nurses’ Charity.

A donation in memory, like a collection from friends and family, or in lieu of funeral flowers, is a special way to honour a loved one.

To generously donate in memory of a loved one, you can donate and support our charity here or call us on 020 3447 9635. We can also help you set up a personalised donation page on

The impact of Giving in your Will or Donating in Memory

Donations transform lives and a gift in your Will or in memory of someone dear to you, no matter what size, has the power to create a dramatic impact in the lives of the associates of UCH London Nurses’ Charity. Relieving hardship and poverty, supporting advancement in education and research and the development in patient care, benefits which could reach all of us.

How We Help

Find out more about our Funds

Educational Fund

The aim of the fund is to assist associate members with grants for professional and postgraduate education. This might take the form of a recognised course, a study tour or an educational project that could help the associate member with their career.

Benevolent Fund

The Fund is a restricted fund held by the Charity and it is managed by the volunteer trustees of the Charity. It is available for associate members of the Charity who are in need of financial assistance in a period of hardship due to ill health, accident or disability.

Travel Scholarship

This fund was established in 1979/80 in memory of Janet Hull, a UCH student and staff nurse who died tragically in a road accident. Her parents took the initiative to create a memorial fund to help UCH nurses with travel costs in pursuit of professional nursing studies.

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