Mary Sare

Mary Sare  (left) with Pat Wright

Mary Sare  (left) with Pat Wright at a UCH Nurses’ League meeting

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Mary Sare – Obituary

I was very sad to hear of Mary’s death, at least it was peaceful. I did know she had had a stroke. I last spoke to Mary just before the AGM this year. I was so lucky to finish my time at UCH as a staff nurse for Mary Sare. As an affiliate it was decided I needed more Female medical experience – what a super placement.

I learnt so much from Mary, not only about medicine but also caring not only for patients but for staff as well. Her staff would do anything for her, she was always calm and kindly, if you needed correcting it was done quietly. Mary always referred to herself as the “Last Ward Sister” no ward manager title for her! I remember sitting next to her at an AGM in Minerva House, she was complaining of not hearing and thanked me for acting as translator and she whispered ‘you can a call me Mary’.

I did visit her at her home in Haverhill with my husband. Mary and I would reminisce, Michael would sit in the corner reading her local history books and l helping himself to her “cut and come again” cake. Mary was a lady of many talents, tennis playing, she enjoyed driving and playing the organ in Birdbrook Church.

Rosemary Bull, Set 148

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