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Ann Redmayne President of UCH London Nurses’ Charity

The President’s Farewell Letter

Dear Friends,

This is my last letter to you as your President and Chair of the Benevolent Fund. I have been involved with the League and Charity on and off for the last 16 years and have always been proud of my training and involvement with UCH.  I want in this letter to express a huge sense of gratitude to ALL who have contributed over the years to the continuance of the League and now the Charity.

All organisations grow and change over the years. The UCLH Trust is such that student nurses could gain all their experience within the Trust. With that hope and better communication, the Charity looks to the future and this year we see the launch of the UCH London Nurses’ Charity web site. I hope those who can will ‘click on’ and familiarise themselves with the embryonic links and members will be encouraged to send news of reunions and various activities of interest to all Associate Members.

In looking to the future of the Charity I am hugely grateful to all past and present members who have contributed their time and energy to the League and Charity. Trustees and group members balance their loyal commitments and diligence with their families and work. Perhaps you could consider becoming a Trustee or a member of a working group.

New incumbents of the key positions of the Charity are settling in and with their fresh vision and energy I wish them every success for the continuance of our dear organisation. Thank you all,

Sincere best wishes to you all

Ann Redmayne.

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