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In March 2020, Paula Jenkins from Set 257 ( June 1982-Sept 1985) set up a Facebook Page for UCH Staff. It is simply called University College Hospital, London and is a private group accessed only by request and Paula is now assisted administratively by Liz Langtree and Jane Hindle.

Why Join?

The purpose of the page is to enable students and staff from all disciplines of UCH hospital life, past and present to connect, and share memories of training and work life. This Facebook Page has been described as “cocktails and connections”. It is for friendship and fun. We aim to maintain this as a safe, happy, healthy and secure space. Requests for membership have been hugely successful. We now administrate and moderate the posts and photos of well over 1000 members.

Here are some of the comments we have had:

“So excited about the reconnections I have now made with this site and how proud I am of our training” .
“There is an evident level of respect we have for each other across all the different sets, how supported we felt during our training and all the fun we had”.

Such shared laughter over old ghost stories, ward antics and fond memories of well- loved hospital characters.

The clear common thread of discussion is that we are all proud of our training and occupations as young women and men in the eminent teaching hospital that was and remains UCH. The collective is also strong. One member starting a Just Giving fund raising project has resulted in a large amount of money being raised for UCLH staff to pay for things to support UCLH staff working during the pandemic.

Of relevance to current UCH Nurse Charity members is that the Facebook page has been a conduit to the charity as another method of linking us all into UCH social history. Many UCH Facebook nurse members are interested in the education and well- being of nurses past, present and in the future, and so we have already met with some of the Charity Trustees to share our ideas and suggestions to develop a strong and mutually beneficial relationship. We believe this to be highly positive for members of both Facebook and the Charity. Paula will be working with the Charity as a newly appointed Trustee, working on the Archive Project and as the link to the Facebook group.

Past News

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